New Farm Nursery buys the T4 Quad

We are looking forward to visiting one of our latest customers in Yorkshire who have kindly agreed to us filming the T4 Quads in use on their Nursery Farm.  Lookout for the video in March.

The New Workout

Its not easy to find the time to exercise when one has a busy household and children to look after but walking is one of the best ways to exercise the body without straining the muscles and joints.  Lots of mums we have spoken to have abandoned the car for school runs and visits to the shops and parks and taken the kids out in a pushchair.  Our T3 range are the ideal models to go for walks with. Large ball bearing wheels and adjustable handles make our pushchairs (see them at one of the easiest to wheel, even with three and four children inside.  So leave the car behind and step out for your good health.

Safety and practicality: at Lotsofbabies they go hand in hand

It is important to ensure children get plenty of fresh air and if they are not quite at an age to take for a walk, the right style of buggy is important to ensure they are comfortable and protected at all times. If you have the pleasure of transporting more than one child around, it is worthwhile investing in a quad pushchair which can be converted to a triple and a twin. with plenty of room to accommodate children up to the age of around 3 and in some cases, even older.Not only perfect for children, these are also easy to use and comfortable to push around. The large, stable wheels will provide ample support, giving you extra peace of mind. At Lotsofbabies Ltd, you will find a unique quad pushchair loved by childminders and families with two or more children. The directors of Lotsofbabies Ltd have been supplying multiple transport solutions for more than twenty years and each one is designed with quality and durability in mind, as well as ensuring the safety and protection of your children at all times. All models are of course tested and comply to British Standard. Howard Gordon, Managing Director of Lotsofbabies Ltd is only too pleased to engage with all his clients both before and after sales. Phone him on 0161 740 9979, email or have a look at the website

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Supporting parents for over 25 years

There is no doubt that becoming a parent is one of the most exciting moments you could ever hope to experience in life, but when you discover there is not just one, but three babies making an appearance, it can be quite a daunting feeling. Not only do you need to make room for them in your home, including all the toys and other necessary equipment you need, but you also need to ensure you have ample support when taking them out. Lots of Babies is a company who provide triple and quad joggers, which are ideal for transporting your babies around when you are out shopping or taking a stroll. Even if you children at different ages, you can find plenty of options for supporting all of them, so they are comfortable at all times. There are a range of options to choose from, including the T3 Triple, T4 Quad and Twin Major Buggy. All of which are designed to ensure safety is paramount and that your child will feel secure and comfortable. At affordable prices, these triple buggies are available in a range of styles and colours to suit all tastes.To find out more and to take a look at the collection, visit

Making parenthood easier

Congratulations, the baby is here, presents unwrapped, every conceivable member of your family and friends have been up to visit and you’re now slowly but surely settling into a new routine of family life.
For the new mum simply getting out and about can be difficult, perhaps due to a hard labour or the fact that domestic duties take precedence and it becomes time consuming or just tiring to get out of the house. It is important for the mum’s physical and mental well being that they get some exercise and fresh air as soon as they feel up to it. This does not mean a full on gym session the week after giving birth, but simply a small, gentle stroll pushing the little one around the local street. Not only are the fitness benefits there and helps in losing some of the baby weight but simply the first steps for some mums to regain some confidence and getting back to feeling back to pre-pregnancy. It has also been linked to helping to reduce the likelihood of experiencing post natal depression. Using jogger buggies can allow mums (and dads) some bonding time with your new born and feel more energetic. To see what Lots of Babies can offer you in terms of buggies more suited to “off-road” and faster paced walks pay a visit to

Making quality time easier

Any parent will tell you that having a child is one of the greatest pleasures ever to be experienced, but that it brings with them some of the most extraordinary challenges along the way. Fitting your sleeping patterns and life around this tiny person can be interesting, never mind the quick trip to the shops becoming akin to setting off on an Antarctic expedition.Now imagine that multiplied, especially if you have twins, triplets or more, as not having a gap in age’s means you cannot rely on an older child’s help when trying to do simple tasks or even going out for a while. Getting outside is a vital part of the recovery of the mum as well as getting much needed fresh air for the little ones. A simple trip to the shops or even to the local coffee shop can do so much for a new parent, be it in terms of exercise or even just to maintain the social aspect of meeting family, old friends or even new ones at a mum’s club. Quad strollers can be an invaluable tool in allowing mums and dads of multiple kids to take trips out without having to navigate two separate buggies. This allows all the children to be comfortably seated near each other and due to some great designs, not take up a gigantic space on the pavement or be difficult to manoeuvre. Some great examples of the best quad strollers can be found at

Helping you care for your kids

The responsibility of taking care of people’s children is a heavy burden at times but the role you help in developing those toddlers into little people makes all the effort worth it.
Part of a healthy day to day routine of the vast majority of children is to get outside and get fresh air, in order to get them used to being out in varied temperatures and to help them build a defence against the cold.
Getting out for walks are also beneficial to the childminder themselves, for exercise purposes and to get a break from being enclosed with a number of energetic children in warm housing. To do this can be complicated due to the number of kids you may have to keep under control. To walk with a buggy for each child can be difficult to control, so for ease of operation nurseries or childminders would do well to look at multiple transport solutions.
Companies like Lots of Babies provide a number of different multiple transport solutions, ranging from two to four seats. By investing in strollers with multiple seats will make it easier for staff to take the children for their daily outings. For details on what is on offer and more information about the type of products that could help those in that industry pay a visit to

Take all your children out at the same time, stylishly!

If you have a growing brood or are a child minder who has to transport a number of children around at the same time, the choices can be limited when looking for buggies which will cater for your needs.The introduction of the four seat baby buggies has made life a lot easier for many mothers and child minders, as you can utilise it for up to four children, or even remove the double front seat to make it more comfortable for two children.The four seat baby buggies can carry two babies from birth and 2 from toddler age. There is also a large shopping basket which means you don’t have to worry about being weighed down with bags as you transport children around at the same time. Complete with large air tyres, the four seat buggy is easy to move around and it also contains a large hood to keep children protected from the elements. You don’t have to worry about the style being compromised either, the buggies are top of the range when it comes to both the appearance and practical use. At Lotsofbabies you will find a range of four seat baby buggies, as well as many others to cater for all your baby transport needs.

Highly practical

Taking four children out is never an easy task, not only does it comes with its fair share of struggles to get everyone ready, there seems to be very little option for pushchairs which are adequate enough to fit them all in comfortably. If you want to find the best quad pushchairs which are fit for purpose, look no further than Lotsofbabies. At Lotsofbabies you will find the T4 quad jogger, which is ideal for children from 12 months to 3 years old. The wheels are large and easy to manoeuvre, which makes the pushchair an ideal means of transportation for child minders who have their hands full. It also comes complete with shopping baskets, so you don’t need to worry about performing a balancing act between moving the pushchair and carrying the shopping simultaneously. There is also a hood and aprons to keep the children dry during the winter months and you can be assured that they will be transported around with ease, without suffering any discomfort. You can find out more about the T4 quad jogger, as well as a range of other multiple transport solutions, including the T3 jogger.