Making parenthood easier

Congratulations, the baby is here, presents unwrapped, every conceivable member of your family and friends have been up to visit and you’re now slowly but surely settling into a new routine of family life.
For the new mum simply getting out and about can be difficult, perhaps due to a hard labour or the fact that domestic duties take precedence and it becomes time consuming or just tiring to get out of the house. It is important for the mum’s physical and mental well being that they get some exercise and fresh air as soon as they feel up to it. This does not mean a full on gym session the week after giving birth, but simply a small, gentle stroll pushing the little one around the local street. Not only are the fitness benefits there and helps in losing some of the baby weight but simply the first steps for some mums to regain some confidence and getting back to feeling back to pre-pregnancy. It has also been linked to helping to reduce the likelihood of experiencing post natal depression. Using jogger buggies can allow mums (and dads) some bonding time with your new born and feel more energetic. To see what Lots of Babies can offer you in terms of buggies more suited to “off-road” and faster paced walks pay a visit to