Double Seat Unit


Double seat unit for toddlers. Comes complete with Hood and Quad Rain Apron



Double Seat unit for the T3 Jogger.  Convert your triple into a Quad, now or later.  Comes complete with fabric hood and Quad Rain Apron. Suitable for current models and T3’s supplied after January 2011. The cost is £270 plus £18 Delivery.  Designed for children who can sit unaided between about 6-9months up to about three years old.  The T4 Quad is probably one of the easiest quad pushchair to push, it has a long adjustable height handle, easy roll pneumatic tyres for a comfy ride and ‘good old fashioned’ ball bearings on all wheel.  If you get the opportunity ask users of the T4 they will confirm it really is a pleasure to wheel.