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T4 Jogger, Quad and Twin, Strong, Easy-wheel. Newborn – 3 years in rear seats. Twelve months to Four Years in the Toddler Seat.  FITS THROUGH A STANDARD DOORWAY.  Only 29.5 inches wide. Complete with Hoods, a Quad Rain Apron and a Twin Rain Apron.

Quad including Rain aprons (twin and quad) £955.  

Normally dispatched within 3-7 days on ‘next working day’ service with DPD .

Tested and complies to British and European Standard BSEN 1888 

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The Lotsofbabies T4 Quad

  • Takes babies from Birth in rear seats, and toddler in jockey seat
  • Jockey seat removable, leaves very  attractive Twin Jogger
  • The package consists of the Twin Jogger with fabric hoods and a twin apron, head huggers, bumper bars, shopping baskets, a plastic twin raincover and a quad raincover and double toddler seat with fabric hood.



  • Pneumatic tyres and ball bearing wheels
  • Head huggers and five point harnesses
  • Bumper bars
  • Fabric hoods and twin apron
  • Shopping baskets
  • Adjustable handles  30”, 34”,37” 40”
  • Easily removed wheels for storage
  • Very sturdily made and easy wheel
  • Fits through standard 30” doorway (please measure your door to be sure); only 29.5” wide
  • Tested and complies to BSEN1888 British and European Standards


  • Overall width 29 1/2”   75cm (fits through standard door)
  • Height of front hood when fitted on Toddler seat 51 inches (128cm)
  • Twin seats each 12” 30.5cm wide 9”  23cm deep  20” 51cm high
  • Rear to front (handle in regular position) 49” 124.5cm
  • Handle height can be adjusted to 31” 78.7cm, 35” 89cm 38” 96.5cm or 41” 104cm
  • Folded size with wheels removed  30”x31”x14”  (76cm x 75cm x 36cm)
  • Weight with wheels attached 53lb  (24kg)
  • Weight without wheels attached 34lbs (15kg)


Toddler Seat

  • Weight 15lb, (7kg) incl hood
  • Folded size 25”x 26” x 20” (64cm x 26cm x 51cm)

The removable double seat on the front will take children from about 12 months old to about 3 years, or more if necessary.

Its large pneumatic and ball bearing wheels and its adjustable handle make this model a pleasure to push. The front seat is easily removed leaving a twin jogger suitable for babies from birth to about 3 years old. The T4 comes complete with hoods and a twin apron, shopping baskets, and two rain aprons. A quad apron when the front seat is attached and a twin apron when being used as a twin.

The cost of the T4 is £955.  Delivery cost in the UK is £18. World wide delivery can be arranged, please email for details. The dimensions are as for the T3 Jogger. The front seat is 28” wide.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Main body colour

Trim colour


5 reviews for T4 Quad Stroller

  1. Sue

    Wow! I’ve just bought the T4 pushchair for my childminding business. My assistant Adam put it together for me. He originally had reservations about purchasing it as he thought it was rather expensive. However now we have had our first trip out, he has changed his mind. It is so easy to push, which is so important as a childminder. Due to my setting the pushchair needs to be stored in a small bicycle shed. Our previous double buggies had to be folded and lifted into the shed as they were too wide to fit through the door and that was a heavy job. The T4 fits through the door perfectly without collapsing it. This will make life so much easier when getting out with the children. Wish I had bought this years ago.

  2. faye

    I first bought the T4 Quad about four years ago and its been amazing. It’s easy to push even when full! Plus it has lots of little pockets to hold supplies! After 4 years of heavy daily use I have just ordered another as mine was looking a little tired but still managed to sell my old one one for a reasonable price. The perfect pushchair to transport multiple children over most terrains.
    my only negative about the pushchair is the rain cover, it has tiny finger sizes vent holes right in front of where the front passengers sit, the urge for little people to stick there fingers through is too much and thus rips the cover, possibly something which could be rectified easily, as the rain covers are expensive to replace .

    Over-all very happy with these push chairs.

  3. Sara

    Every childminders dream come true !!!! what a fab invention…..two and a half years ago I bought a T4 Quad and never looked back. It ticks all the boxes and enables me to do my job while keeping everyone safe warm and dry. This pram is used every day and carries 4 little people 4 miles….I would buy another in a heart beat x

  4. Gillian (verified owner)

    I am a single parent with an adopted 18 month old with disabilities. I work as a special needs child-minder and foster carer and the Quad has been amazing. It enables me to get out and about with all the little ones I care for. No more being stuck indoors or garden, we are out and about exploring our environment.
    It was very easy to put together, I managed this by myself using the video on the site. It is a flexible and manageable pushchair.
    The width makes it easy to move through my home where it lives next to the playroom (it take a bit more space than my single pushchair but not too much more, which was a surprise).
    As long as the tyres are appropriately inflated it moves so easily, even when all the seats are occupied. I have had the quad for 3-4 weeks and now wonder why I did not make this investment before, it has made my roles as mum, child-minder and foster carer so much more manageable for getting out and about.
    Thank you Howard and the Lots of Babies team

  5. Harry & Jean Hull

    My wife and I are both registered childminders caring for up to six children age range from 11 months up to 3yrs and we would not be without our T4 Jogger. As you can imagine moving 6 children in comfort and safety is difficult and it as been a lot easier since we bought the T4 in December, it was easy to assemble and is a delight to use. Howard Gordon has been very friendly and helpful during our initial enquiries about the purchase and lets be honest it is a quite expensive investment. But you get what you pay for and the T4 is well made it is easy to push when carrying four children ( I am 60 years of age ) and we regularly take the children out on a three mile walk around the local country lanes some of which are quite hilly. The older toddlers who sit on the raised front bench seat love the raised position and the excellent view that it offers. My only criticism is that although the toddlers do fall asleep on the front bench seat from time to time it does not offer much support as the bench seat cannot be reclined. I wish I had bought a T4 sooner than I did. Harry and Jean, Childminders

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