All Triple and Quad pushchairs in stock.


 My assistant Adam put it together for me.  He originally had reservations about purchasing it as he thought it was rather expensive.  However now we have had our first trip out, he has changed his mind.
It is so easy to push, which is so important as a childminder.
The T4 Quad buggy fits through the door perfectly without collapsing it. Due to my setting, the pushchair needs to be stored in a small bicycle shed.  Our previous double buggies had to be folded and lifted into the shed as they were too wide to fit through the door and that was a heavy job.   

This will make life so much easier when getting out with the children.
Wish I had bought this years ago

customer: Suzy, 3rd August 2017

Welcome to Lotsofbabies!

We believe our  Triple and Quad Pushchairs are the easiest to wheel and manoeuvre, even with three or four children inside.

All pushchairs have ball bearing wheels and lots of leverage on the adjustable handles.
Our pushchairs and prams are thoroughly tested and comply to the highest British Standards for strength and safety.

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The T4 Quad ideal for Nursery use

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