Take all your children out at the same time, stylishly!

If you have a growing brood or are a child minder who has to transport a number of children around at the same time, the choices can be limited when looking for buggies which will cater for your needs.The introduction of the four seat baby buggies has made life a lot easier for many mothers and child minders, as you can utilise it for up to four children, or even remove the double front seat to make it more comfortable for two children.The four seat baby buggies can carry two babies from birth and 2 from toddler age. There is also a large shopping basket which means you don’t have to worry about being weighed down with bags as you transport children around at the same time. Complete with large air tyres, the four seat buggy is easy to move around and it also contains a large hood to keep children protected from the elements. You don’t have to worry about the style being compromised either, the buggies are top of the range when it comes to both the appearance and practical use. At Lotsofbabies you will find a range of four seat baby buggies, as well as many others to cater for all your baby transport needs.