Hello Howard
Back in 2012 I bought a T3 triple pushchair from you for my Childminding business. It has been absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have coped with the school runs, battling the elements and transporting 3 little ones, without it. It has had 9 years of extremely hard use, on many different terrains as it goes everywhere with me. I must have covered many hundreds of miles as it is my main “transport”. I love it so much I have decided to buy another one when this one retires!
I would highly recommend this safe and sturdy pushchair.
Thanks Lisa

Lisa Hunt

My twin boys were born

My twin boys were born when my eldest was 11 months old. The T3 stroller was my lifesaver, without it I would have been housebound for months.

My eldest loved sitting in the front seat.

It is easy to push, fits through door ways and goes on all terrain. It is easy to fold into the car and for long journeys, the wheels can be taken off and the front seat folded to make it even smaller.

The pram attracts a lot of attention wherever you go, my boys loved that!

Emma Mendoza

Over the Moon!

Hi Howard.

The quad pushchair arrived, and my wife is over the moon!
We are very happy, thank you.
I followed the instructions on the email link and that made it easy for me to assemble.
Thank you so much, we are really happy.

Jay S.

The Rolls Royce of pushchairs

First day out with my new T3 it is the rolls royce of pushchairs. I am a registered childminder looking after two one year olds and a two year old .It is the only practical design when it comes to triple buggys, a side by side you can never get into shops and walking down the street past trees ,lamp post,cars etc is very challenging and three in a row is almost impossible to steer so the triangle design solves all these problems .It is just like a double mountain pushchair but with an additional seat .It is a dream to push on the flat,traveling up and down curbs with ease,turning corners simply ,going down hill you need to hold on tight and up hill it is like a work out but that save on going to the gym !! It fits through my front door, ideally i would like to leave it up but the folding is simple and easy to manage but it is bulky to store, a small down side .Over all the T3 is outstanding and the best buy out of the triple buggys available i would recommend it to anyone with three small children.



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