Making quality time easier

Any parent will tell you that having a child is one of the greatest pleasures ever to be experienced, but that it brings with them some of the most extraordinary challenges along the way. Fitting your sleeping patterns and life around this tiny person can be interesting, never mind the quick trip to the shops becoming akin to setting off on an Antarctic expedition.Now imagine that multiplied, especially if you have twins, triplets or more, as not having a gap in age’s means you cannot rely on an older child’s help when trying to do simple tasks or even going out for a while. Getting outside is a vital part of the recovery of the mum as well as getting much needed fresh air for the little ones. A simple trip to the shops or even to the local coffee shop can do so much for a new parent, be it in terms of exercise or even just to maintain the social aspect of meeting family, old friends or even new ones at a mum’s club. Quad strollers can be an invaluable tool in allowing mums and dads of multiple kids to take trips out without having to navigate two separate buggies. This allows all the children to be comfortably seated near each other and due to some great designs, not take up a gigantic space on the pavement or be difficult to manoeuvre. Some great examples of the best quad strollers can be found at