Safety and practicality: at Lotsofbabies they go hand in hand

It is important to ensure children get plenty of fresh air and if they are not quite at an age to take for a walk, the right style of buggy is important to ensure they are comfortable and protected at all times. If you have the pleasure of transporting more than one child around, it is worthwhile investing in a quad pushchair which can be converted to a triple and a twin. with plenty of room to accommodate children up to the age of around 3 and in some cases, even older.Not only perfect for children, these are also easy to use and comfortable to push around. The large, stable wheels will provide ample support, giving you extra peace of mind. At Lotsofbabies Ltd, you will find a unique quad pushchair loved by childminders and families with two or more children. The directors of Lotsofbabies Ltd have been supplying multiple transport solutions for more than twenty years and each one is designed with quality and durability in mind, as well as ensuring the safety and protection of your children at all times. All models are of course tested and comply to British Standard. Howard Gordon, Managing Director of Lotsofbabies Ltd is only too pleased to engage with all his clients both before and after sales. Phone him on 0161 740 9979, email or have a look at the website

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