Triple and Quad Pushchairs

A Favourite with Childminders

Our range of two, three and four seater pushchairs have been very popular since we introduced them to the UK market in 2009. Childminders in particular find them a welcome addition to their equipment pool  which they need to run a successful childminding business.

Strong and Easy to Push

We believe it to be one of the best engineered pushchairs available.  It has a strong steel and aluminium frame.  It is one of the few pushchairs which has ball bearing wheels and with the 12″ wheels and long adjustable handle it really is a ‘pleasure to push’.

Versatile. From Twin to Triple to Quad

The T3 can be used as a Twin, a Triple or a Quad Stroller. A lot of our childminding customers have bought the T3 Triple and then taken on an extra child in their business and have very much appreciated being able to buy the extra double seat converting the Triple to a Quad.

Complies to British and European Standards

Are Lotsofbabies the only supplier of three and four seater buggies that have there models tested and compliant to BSEN1888.

Fits through Standard Doorways

Less than 30″ wide. Being able to get your children ready and then just wheeling them through the door makes going out much easier.